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Cantrell & Cochrane (C & C)

C&C is one of the largest manufacturers, marketers, and distributors of beverages in Ireland. With household names, such as, Pepsi, 7UP, Club Orange and MiWadi included in their portfolio.

Lites Group NI was tasked to provide several experienced merchandisers in the 3-week lead up to the Christmas rush. With the emphasis on placement of all products in coolers, displays, fixtures, C&C required all of their accounts to be serviced and maintained to the highest standard. Initially, Lites Group was requested to provide 3 merchandisers, which grew to 6 by the end of the activity period.

Focusing on the multiple chain retailers, for instance, Tesco, Sainsburys, Safeways & Dunnes Stores, as well as the larger independent retailers, each merchandiser was provided with full training. With additional staff trained, Lites Group was able to provide an instant replacement for any area that required covering at short notice.

Reporting to specific Account Developers, each merchandiser worked to a pre-set route each day, and provided a full replenishment service on all C&C soft drink brands in each store. Using their time management skills, the merchandisers were able to ensure that all stores were visited at the specified periods. With full signature authorisation from each Store Manager at the end of their visit, the merchandisers gained C&C client satisfaction.

C&C were provided with reporting on a daily basis from each merchandiser, through LITES Live™, and digital photography of several stores and displays at the end of the activity.

C&C were able to provide a service to their retailer clients at the busiest time of the year, and received excellent feedback from all Store Managers and Account Developers on the service provided by Lites Group and their personnel. C&C have since requested the provision of 3 full-time merchandisers from the personnel used, from Lites Group NI.